I am pleased to announce that Oregon State University will host the 10th International Herbage Seed Group Conference in Corvallis, Oregon in May 2019. The IHSG is an organization dedicated to improving our understanding of the science and technology of herbage seed production. The IHSG first met in 1987 and has offered 9 previous conferences and 5 workshops at locations across the globe.

The upcoming conference in Oregon will only be the 3rd time that a meeting of the IHSG has been held in the USA. This event will be an opportunity to hear the top researchers in the field make presentations and host workshops. Conference participants will also be able to view research and management study results in a variety of poster, field tour, and other sessions. The conference will be held over several days with educational tours around Oregon before and after the formal program. Participants are expected from domestic and international locales, and these attendees will range from seed growers to scientists.

Please join us at the conference.


Thomas G. Chastain
President, IHSG
Professor of Seed Crop Physiology and Ecology
Oregon State University